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oh that's odd, i was consumed by bitterness just last week.

Here's the thing. SO many people parody Mario. And so many of them do it badly.

This flash here, though, does it right. So creative and different.


yeah, yup. s'really fun and funny and a fun time.

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i didn't look at who the author was until after i completed it. i suppose it should be no surprise that it's a glaiel game. fantastic. what a great concept. really hope you do some more/expand.

this is so lovely.

it's brilliant! i take it you've played the old masters game poltergeist, i think it was called.. or a HAUNTING or something like that.. with the cool green ghost. that was an awful game. yours is what they should've made.

compliments aside though, either i am shiiiiit at this or it's a bit flawed. people seem to run around at random, i can't really scare htem in the direction out of the house. i gave up after a while cuz i wasn't getting anywhere, but i still think it's a lovely game.


ambitious is a good description, as other reviewers have pointed out. the intention here is all well and good, but i think it falls short in many places.

graphically, the 3d modeling is nice at first but soon becomes lazy. characters are too similar and the customization just feels pointless.

i'd say the sound is the least disappointing thing about this game. obviously, josh tomar is a great voice actor and certainly gives the game a firm foundation. but his acting ability is not enough to save it. the music isn't bad, though.

the story is a cop out - desperately trying to combine two popular ideas and failing miserably. if it weren't for the STORY telling you that it's set in the future, after the world has fallen, you wouldn't have a clue you were in any sort of cyberpunk age. also, why go through the effort of making a story in english and not get an english-speaking person to check it thoroughly and correct mistakes? I am sure there are even people out there willing to do it for free, for experience.

the weird thing here is that i didn't enjoy playing this at all, but there's something about it that i want to like. so, i'll give it a 6. maybe it's because i can see that there has been a lot of effort been put in here... it just really needs the direction and final touches of someone with clearer intention and a better grasp of how to make a well-rounded game.

but what do i know? kids will love it because it has gladiators and the word post-apolcalytpic in it. :)

Xplored responds:

interesting comment but, even more, nice ending :D

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this song makes me SO happy.


whoa, ramsay was an elephant

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i love this, tis beautiful. i want to live in that house.

1600 responds:

thanks. me too

not so turtle now!

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